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Vision:  Customer specific solutions with simple and innovative technologies

Mission: To set a platform in Haryana in all the districts for the customers and service providers to solve the problems with timely actions within two years i.e. 2018 and 2019.


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About us: Multiseva is the result of single thought to serve the customers and to provide the employment to the service providers throughout the year. We have started our journey during 2011 in August month. Since then we are improving our system and doing improvements in the services. During a project on automation, the concept of providing services to customers under single roof developed. The service providers are first registered free of cost and provided call, but then it was felt that they were not responding accordingly. So service providers were asked to pay for the registration. After this step, only serious service providers remain in the sphere and the non-serious or not interested service providers were denied to do so. With the passage of time, multiseva is in the present form.


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Help numbers: 8059834440

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