Verification Officer duty

Verification Officer- E-Commerce

  1. Eligibility:
  2. At least 10th Pass
  3. Having Driving License
  4. Having his or her two wheeler


  1. Pay structure:

Rs. 5000 – 8000/- per month (Depending on the working done by him or her)

Timings: Free lancing


  1. Documentation
  2. Upload the 10th Qualification documents
  3. ID Proof
  4. Address Proof
  5. Contact Number
  6. Email Address
  7. Home Address
  8. Google Location
  9. Bank Details
  10. Image of photo
  11. Image of signature
  12. Mobile IME No.

Give the bank details as under

Name of the bank Write here
Name of the service provider in Bank Write here
Account No. Write here
IFS code of the Bank Write here
Address of the Bank Write here
Registered Mobile No. Write here




  1. Duties:
  2. He will verify the different products enlisted and submit the report to the Manager who will finally decide the product to be sold out or not.
  3. Documentation: He will also do the documentation. Under documentation, following things to be clarified:-

2.1 : Bank details of the e-commerce service provider

2.2 : Quality analysis

2.3 : Terms and Conditions

2.4 : Commission

2.5 : Billing details


  1. Bank details and GST No. the service provider
Name of the bank <State Bank of India>
Name of the service provider in Bank <Rajesh Kathwal>
Account No. 30087754908
IFS code of the Bank SBIN0001566
Address of the Bank SBI, CCS HAU Hisar Branch
Registered Mobile No. 9812490456
GST No. (Write if any)


  1. Quality analysis
  2. ISO 9001:2008 certified ___________Yes ________No___________
  3. ISI Mark/FSSAI License No. ___________
  4. Certified by any agency_________________________
  5. Any other License ________________________
  6. Packing quality __________________________
  7. GST No. _______________________________
  8. Whether provide bill or not ______________
  9. Fit for sale or not _____________


  1. Terms and Conditions
  2. Commission to be given by the service provider on each successful sale _________
  3. Guaranty and Warranty if any ____________________
  4. Delivery is made by himself or by us. __________________
  5. Bill may be given by the service provider _______________________


  1. Verification of the Service Provide

Verification officer must be responsible for the verification of the service providers.

  1. Meeting with the service provider made ______________or Not __________or Cancelled _________
  2. Terms and conditions discussed Yes___________ or Not ________________
  3. Any dispute on terms and conditions _____________________________(Write here the number of the terms and condition and write brief about the dispute)
  4. Commission % discussed or not ____________Discussed _____________Not Discussed _____
  5. % Commission offered by the service provider on each success lead ____________%
  6. Any suggestion suggested by the service provider to multiseva working _____________(write here if any) ________________.




Before going to the field, the verification officer had to take training.

Training can be taken on the video uploaded on youtube.

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